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Clare Dohna as a girl.

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I have enjoyed making things since I was a young girl.  My first experience working with clay resulted in a purple ashtray, made for my mother.  Later, my sisters and I fashioned sandals out of cardboard and rope, tree forts out of found scrap wood, and lamps out of odd pieces of hardware left about in our cellar.            

My interest in mosaic work began while I was a student at the Maryland Institute of Art.  A life size clay sculpture built for my senior show exploded in the kiln.  After gluing all the pieces back together, I saw in it an ancient mysterious beauty, thus beginning my fascination with mosaics.            

My current work is done by rolling out slabs of clay and cutting out shapes by hand.  The pieces are then kiln fired, glazed, fired again and thinset onto a form constructed of wire lathe and cement, or high fired clay.  Finally, they are grouted and sealed. The finished product ranges from unique garden art to custom art installations. All are available directly from the artist.